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Africa’s top players who won’t be at the FIFA World Cup

Africa’s top players who won’t be at the FIFA World Cup

#FeaturebyLihet – Amongst the lot who will miss out this year, here are 10 top African players that go on the list.

The AC Milan midfielder Franck Kessie will not be playing this world cup due to Ivory Coast’s loss to Cameroon in the final group resulting in the relegation of Ivory Coast from this year’s title.

Mohamed Salah, the forward player for Liverpool FC, is going to be missing out on this year’s World Cup. Although Egypt was in the lead in the first leg, Senegal defeated Egypt on penalties to move ahead.

Current Manchester City FC forward player and captain for Algeria, Riyad Mahrez, will miss his opportunity at this year’s World Cup. His national team, Algeria, was defeated by Cameroon in the playoffs to secure their qualification for Qatar 2022.

After the huge free transfer from Arsenal to Barcelona, forward player Pierre Aubameyang will not be playing this World Cup. The reason is due to Gabon’s exit as Egypt defeated them despite scoring two goals.

Striker for Serie A and the Nigerian national team will not have the opportunity to make it to Qatar for the World Cup this year. Nigeria was eliminated from the title as they drew with Ghana in the first leg but could not make it due to the away goal rule.

Despite his efforts, Osimhen could not materialize his game at home or away.

Mhemba, the defender for club Porto and the Republic of Congo, will have to stay away from the grounds after Congo lost to Morocco quite badly. Congo finished 3rd at the Nations Cup, World Cup qualification.

Despite playing admirably at the Nations Cup, one of Africa’s topmost center-back players, Edmond Tapsoba, will not be playing this World Cup. Algeria eliminated Burkina Faso in their Second Round Group playoffs.

Premier League club West Ham United, highly talented winger Said Benrahma from Algeria, will also be missing out this year as Algeria is eliminated from qualifying. It would have been an excellent platform for Benrahma to showcase his skills but unfortunately will not be able to do so.

Another brilliant player, Nicolas Pepe, will miss out on his chance at the World Cup as Ivory Coast exits from the qualification for the championship.

Defensive midfielder for Leicester City, Ndidi, also one of the best African midfielders in the world at present, will not be playing due to injury.

The above-stated African players will sadly have to miss out on this World Cup 2022 in Qatar at the end of this year. Who will you miss the most?

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