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A Pulse review of Pastor Iren’s ‘Apostolos’ album

Pastor Emmanuel Iren releases new album 'Apostolos'

Pastor Emmanuel Iren‘s debut album ‘Apostolos’ had numerous singles with guest line up from reputable gospel artists like Eben, Nosa, globally celebrated Sinach, and with his church’s music group Outburst.

The 13-track album was preceded by singles ‘Fire On My Altar’ and ‘The Glory’ which enjoyed decent popularity amongst young Christian audience who constitute the large followership of the young minister.

The album achieved instant success amongst young Christian whose digital acceptance was able to earn it a place in the top 10 of Nigeria’s Apple Music Albums’ Chart.

An introduction to another dimension of Pastor Iren which has endeared him to his younger generation, ‘Apostolos’ combines spoken words, chants, soulful worship delivered over contemporary gospel progression to communicate a divine message.

In ‘Glory’, Iren chants over subtle chords as in an edifying number that should find ready listeners amongst lovers of worship songs. Using soft tunes, Iren delivers his message in a clear and bumming voice strong enough to evoke emotions. Iren also speaks in tongues in almost all the tracks while singing, adding an ethereal quality to the music. The song runs for 8 mins which allows for its edifying essence to be absolved. However, it might appear too lengthy for an impatient listener so best to get on your shores while playing the song.

‘Grace Changes Everything’ has the legendary musician Sinach on it. It’s a very melodious inspiring tone, singing “Yahweh” continuously really does something to your spirit.

‘Fire on my Altar’ feels like a battle song and a chant same as ‘Holy Ghost’ and ‘The Glory of the Lord’.

‘Overcome’ is a very interesting song, perhaps the best song on the album. He features another artist, E Daniels. It’s more upbeat than all other tracks on the album because of the drums used. Plus, the lyrics are quite uplifting, and the soft soprano of the choir was also a needed addition.

There is an actual song on the album called ‘Prophetic Chant’, which is a song of rejoicing even though that song describes the entire album.

‘Power in abundance’ featuring Bajulaiye Victor has a very catchy tone and many positive confessions that uplifts the human spirit.

‘In your name’ doesn’t offer much in terms of sonic appeal especially as a track, it doesn’t bring anything new or vibrant to the album.

‘Yes to your Will’ is a very acoustic and slow song which explored a different sound to other songs on the album. The absence of the backing vocals allowed Iren to impose his presence on the track but it doesn’t offer much in melodic delivery.

Overall, the album contains a decent selection of affirmative and prophetic songs that allows Christian listeners to connect with their faith and get absolved into his edifying ambience.

In terms of the quality of the project and its capacity to be elevated into a position of high status, ‘Prophetic chant’, ‘Fire on the altar’, and ‘Grace Changes Everything’ help this cause. However, they might be enough to get the job done.

Songwriting, Themes, and Delivery: 1.5/2

Enjoyability and Satisfaction: 1.5/2

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