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5 things to consider before matchmaking your friends with each other

5 things to consider before matchmaking your friends with each other

That concern could make you consider pairing them with friends, family members or other people you consider good enough. While this would normally be from a kind heart, sometimes it could be better to not bother at all.

Let show you reasons why it is better to mind your business rather than matching a friend with another friend.

1. What if it makes them feel some type of way?

Your friend could legit misinterpret the match up as something which signifies that you think they are hopeless people who will never get a man or woman except someone helps push someone to look their way.

You were trying to do a good deed, and now you have a friend who is offended. Problem.

2. One may not be into it

You could also match two people together only for one person to not find the other attractive at all, or does not consider them good enough.

If only one person turns out to be into it, you would be having a lot of issues to deal with from that moment on.

The other person who really likes the idea and wants the relationship to actually blossom would be heartbroken and you will always be associated with that.

See you now, burdened with guilt that you could have avoided if you had just negodu-ed

4. Your friendship is at risk

Imagine if the relationship actually takes off and they indeed date for a while only for things to go sour, and in quite a dramatic, epic manner.

The two of them might become bitter enemies and you’ll be torn between them as support for one will make the other feel like you are taking sides.

Now you don’t know what to do, so as not to offend either of them. You may even lose both of them as friends.

5. If you must do some matchmaking…

Look, if you really think that two of your friends are perfect for each other, just get them around each other and they’ll find their way to each other.

Don’t ever be pushing too hard for it though because if it doesn’t go well, it will always be your fault.

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