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5 Skincare Practices For Harmattan Season.

By Bukola Amoboye

Harmattan is one season that people can’t decide if they love, hate or hate to love. On one hand, it offers relatively cool weather as opposed to the usual heat; on the other hand, it brings all the dust from the Sahara into everything. Whatever the case, one thing is sure. Harmattan is no friend to your skin; it completely dries it up, sometimes leading to cracking and peeling. However, it can not be avoided, so the best way to handle it is to figure out how best to care for our skin while it’s here. Here are some tips you will find helpful. 


Aside from drinking water to satisfy your unusual thirst this season, drink water to hydrate your skin. The weather is really dry and can leave your skin looking and feeling rougher to the touch. Yes, drink water, and don’t lose sight of what it does for your skin.


We cannot overemphasize the importance of this. Ensure you’re using a good moisturizer this season. Ditch the thin water-based lotions for now and reach for oil-based creams or moisturizers. You can also mix your lotion with body oils to lock in more moisture. You do not want ashy skin, especially after a bath. Examples of natural oils that are good for your skin this season are; coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, etc.

Protective Clothing: 

While it’s tempting to look fashionable with sexier looks, we advise you to wear more protective clothing to prevent the dry air from messing with your skin. You can also put on socks to prevent cracked feet.


This goes without saying; you should move around with lip gloss or a really good moisturising lip balm. Lip gloss is a must at all times. The dry weather can cause your lips to dry out, leaving them ashy, chapped and cracked. Avoid matte foundation and matte lipstick this season. They are not welcome right now.

Air Conditioning: 

You might want to reduce your dependence on air conditioners this season as they contribute to the dryness of your skin. Consider adding a humidifier to your home to help with the humidity levels. Your skin will thank you.


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