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5 signs you are not over your ex

5 signs you are not over your ex

After a relationship ends, you delete their number, block them, delete their pictures, and unfollow them on all the social media platforms but your feelings remain – those aren’t easily deleted.

How do you know you are not over them?

You tell everyone who cares to hear about the relationship, how it ended, and who was at fault.

Your friends are already tired of hearing what happened between you two, and even when you go on dates with other people, you talk about your ex throughout the date.

You blocked them, but you use a burner account to follow them to check up on them. You want to know who they are with and what they are up to.

If they still appear in your dreams, it is clear that you are not over what happened between you two, and you have not completely dealt with the feelings.

Depending on how it ended, if you are still angry, hurt or guilty over the events that transpired, then you are certainly not over them.

You should feel indifferent towards them. They shouldn’t invoke any feelings in you anymore.

If you come up with crazy reasons to reach out, to call them, to organize another meeting where you can ‘explain’ yourself or just hang out with them, then you are not over them.

Accept that the relationship is over

You must convince yourself that the relationship is over and there is no chance of reconnecting.

Most times, we can’t get over people if we have left so many words unsaid, express all your feelings about the relationship and take your exit gracefully. Yes! Type that long paragraph and hit send. It doesn’t matter if you are ignored.

Don’t let them validate your feelings

Stop waiting for an apology, they may never really feel sorry for their actions. They may never own up to what made the relationship end, and that’s okay. You know what they did, you know how it made you feel, that’s enough.

Find someone new and entirely different from them. Rebounding is not a bad thing, what’s bad is waiting for them to come to their senses and realize what they did.


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