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5 major differences between side chicks and side guys

5 major differences between side chicks and side guys

That said, we know you people have coconut heads and you’re still having yourselves multiple side chicks and side n*ggas, which explains why we know enough to be able to do this list you are about to read now. So here goes: differences between side guys and side chicks.

Side guys understand the assignment

The assignment is usually to have the babe’s back blown, get a couple of orgams out of her and afterwards step out of the way and let her go back to her husbands and kids… men know how to do that very well. They don’t meddle with your life.

Side chicks on the other hand…

Word on the street is that side-chicks usually want to be seen, heard and acknowledged as a major and integral part of your life. They’re called side things, but don’t be surprised that they often want to take centre stage.

They want you to leave your wife and kids for them

You thought getting and furnishing an apartment for her in Lekki was enough, and that sorting out her bills and her mama’s bills, as well as setting up an IG hair business for her would be enough to keep her in her ‘side chick’ position… LOL. Bro, you lied. We hear sidechicks’ default mode is to look for ways to usurp your wife/main chick. Good luck to everyone involved oh.

Side guys never want to be promoted to main

You see men? They want no part of that. They actually hope and pray for the continuance of your relationship. Even if you break up with your partner, they’ll rather advise you on how to get back with your partner than step in. Infact, we heard that they’d rather match you up with another boyfriend so they can keep being side.

Men that understand the assignment>>>>

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