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5 Date Night outfits for guys.

By Bukola Amoboye

There’s a lot of demand on ladies to go all out and dress to impress when going on dates, with guys thinking they can do the barest minimum and get away with it. Hey, don’t be that guy who thinks he can mindlessly put on the most accessible outfit to him in less than thirty minutes before the date. Ladies would like to see you put effort into your outfits too! So rather than those worn-out jeans and sleazy t-shirts, let’s help you out with five different fits you can work with to create dashing date night looks.

Dress Shirts

You can’t go wrong with your regular dress shirt paired with either jeans or pants, but how about a better way to flex those muscles? Leave the tie behind, unbutton the first two or three buttons on the shirt and roll up those sleeves to your elbows. This style enhances your broad chest and muscles and would have your lady swooning at the sight. Also, make sure that the shirt has a proper fit! Put on your Italian leather shoes, and you’re good to go.

Native Attire

Going for a semi-casual look? Then a native attire is your best bet. We don’t mean the regular native attire you would wear to a wedding ceremony. Go for a design that’s a bit edgier and made with our local fabric.


Whether it’s a blazer or an actual suit, leaving the flaps open or buttoning up, you can’t go wrong with a fitted blazer. This would always be a classic. We, however, encourage you to be more daring with colours. Go for yellow, wine, beige, navy blue, pink, etc. Blazers can be paired with turtlenecks, t-shirts, etc.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts can be cool if you pair them correctly. Tuck them in over jeans or pants trousers with sneakers and accessorize with a pair of sunglasses. You will look date ready.

Denim Jackets

Denim jackets with a white t-shirt as an inner on jeans or chinos are probably as simple as they can get when styling for a date night.

Gentlemen put some effort into your dressing today! All five outfits prove that looking good on a date doesn’t have to be rocket science. Sometimes, it’s all the convincing a lady needs.

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