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2023: I’m fully with Tinubu but…. – El-Rufai

2023: I'm fully with Tinubu but.... - El-Rufai

El-Rufai made the declaration at the Murtala Square, the venue where Tinubu met the Kaduna state delegates to canvass for their support on Thursday, May 12, 2022.

The former Governor of Borno State, Kashim Shettima, former Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Chairman, Nuhu Ribadu, and other dignitaries accompanied the presidential aspirant on the trip.

During his address, Shetimma had assured the delegates that El-Rufai was “solidly by their side,” Daily Trust reported.

The governor, however, said he can’t unilaterally make such a decision without the support of the Kaduna State delegates.

When addressing the gathering, El-Rufai said, “I want to correct Kashim Shettima because he said the governor is fully with them.”

He added that he can’t be fully with Tinubu unless the delegates from the state concur.

“Before we confirm what Kashim Shettima said here, I want to confirm from our statutory delegates, are you with Asiwaju?” the Governor asked, to which the delegates rose to their feet all at once, shouting yes.

“Your Excellency, I do what they tell me, they are my bosses. This is how APC in Kaduna works,” El-Rufai.

Tinubu’s meeting with the Kaduna delegates came two days after he met delegates from Gombe state where he assured the people of the state that he will curb hunger and ensure shared prosperity in the country if elected President of Nigeria in 2023.

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