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2023: Amaechi promises to run an all-inclusive government if elected

What does Amaechi’s presidential declaration mean for Tinubu’s lifelong ambition?

He made the remarks during a consultative visit to the Kogi governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, and delegates of the party at the Government House in Lokoja on Friday.

Amaechi, who lauded Bello for his ambition to be President in his forties, however said he is the most experienced of all the aspirants, strong enough to defeat the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP).

This is the 28th state that I have visited in the course of my consultations. I’m not one of the aspirants, I am the leading aspirant in the party.

”Again, I welcome my friend Gov. Bello who wants to run, he is a young man, he is entitled to run for the office of the President but I have more experience in governance and leadership roles than him.

“I will carry everybody along. To appoint the Minister coming from Kogi, I will come to you people and allow you to nominate whom you want.

”The reason for that, is to get everybody involved so that you can approach your Minister and your Minister will know that he is responsible to you.

“Please don’t vote for anybody else, vote for me. As Speaker, I was Chairman of Speakers’ Forum, as Governor, I was the Chairman of Governors’ Forum twice, as DG of President Buhari Campaign, I managed everybody, I managed the campaign, that’s experience.

”And at the end of the day, we elected President Buhari. The first time in Nigeria that we removed an incumbent government. So we were determined as we are determined now,” he said.

Responding, Bello, who was represented by his Deputy, Dr Edward Onoja, welcomed his co-aspirant.

Bello said: ”We believe that God will give Nigeria the best product that can secure, unite and foster peace in the country.

”We appreciate that you even remembered to come to Kogi State. To have gone round 28 States, it shows stamina, it shows strength. We wish you well,” he said.

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